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3H-Lacke becomes Remmers Industrielacke

Since 2009 3H-Lacke has been a part of the Remmers Group and in this time, has become an important column in our business architecture. The 3H expertise in the fields of interior wood varnish as well as industrial painting has completed the Remmers services perfectly. As a result we now deliver and support both, industrial and craft customers around the globe with our products and systems solutions. To display this unity to the outside world and also to fulfill international claims to power as well as to increase the recognition value, 3H-Lacke will be rebranded in Remmers Industrielacke with effect from 1. November 2016 and will also get a new shared logo together with the other subsidiaries.

Roof of all subsidiaries is the new rebranded Remmers Gruppe AG. Also visually all members of our company are now gathered under the broad red Remmers roof. The new updated logo design now shows a stylized saddle roof above the lettering. This gives the logo a modern, more concisely look and also takes the increased variety of our products and services into account. But not only the logo is redesigned, also the packages get a new appearance and will be easy to recognize via their all over Remmers red.

Due to the rebranding the new internet address is Our customers can contact our employees via the new general email address Other than that, there are no more changes for our customers and business partners.