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Our Expertise in Application and Drying

Remmers Industrielacke Application Technologies

Indoor surface coatings are very often applied by a roll coating or spray process in the industrial production. There is a huge variety of applied technologies to range from cup guns or automatic spray guns to highly complex rolling mills. The coating procedures are generally process-controlled and run together with lacquer and drying systems.

The choice of the right lacquer system is being defined by the object to be coated. This means that the choice of the respective lacquer system can be adjusted to the current conditions. In its daily business, Remmers Industrielacke assists customers by providing target-oriented solutions.

Perfectly combinable coating systems are the basis for customer and system-specific requirements. A further strength of Remmers Industrielacke is to make use of various application procedures in one system in order to achieve the best outcome in the end.


Remmers Industrielacke Drying Technologies

Drying systems range from the classic 1K- / 2K- drying technology to radiation curing systems. Depending on the coating process, appropriate drying modes need to be applied. Therefore, Remmers Industrielacke offers highly efficient coating technologies for the whole application range:

  • Classic 1K / 2K Drying Technologies
    • 1K: Conventional drying due to evaporation
    • 2K: Chemical connected drying technologies

  • Radiation Curing Systems
    • MOS Drying
    • UV Drying
    • LEC / LED Curing
    • EBC Drying

  • Forced Drying
    • Dry Channel
    • IR Drying
    • OIR Drying
  • Highlights
    • CCI Procedure (Calender-Coating-Inert)
    • LEC / LED (Low-Energy-Curing / Light-Emitting-Diode