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Company profile

Remmers Industrielacke has been in business for more than
50 years and produces surface coating materials for industrial coating offurniture, doors, panels, wood floorsand boards as well as foil lacquers.

Today, Remmers Industrielacke is a company of the Remmers group, through which the final step has been taken to become an absolute expert with a world-wide distribution structure and unique possibilities for development.

High quality products, sophisticated Quality Management as well as high competence in the areas of development and service are the results of our daily endeavours and numerous customers at home and abroad benefit from this. Remmers Industrielacke is one of the leading producers of refinement products for wood surfaces. These products are recognised as high end products and they set standards.

We deem the protection and refinement of valuable wood and wooden materials as our foremost task. And we have mastered the art!

The image brochure of Remmers Industrielacke can be downloaded here.