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Solvent Based Lacquers

Remmers Industrielacke has offered solvent based materials for industrial wood coating for decades. From NC lacquers for normal loads all the way to high quality DD lacquers.

The diisocyanate polyaddition method discovered the end of the 1930s by Otto Bayer and his staff for the production of polyurethanes led to one of the most important plastic groups. Polyurethanes (PUR) also play an important role in the field of coating materials.

No other class of binders can be formulated in such a wide variety, allowing the properties of coatings to be selectively adjusted. PUR lacquers are found in practically all areas of surface protection materials today and are a tailor-made to solve problems.

For furniture surfaces and interior finishing, especially where the highest resistance to chemicals is required, Remmers Industrielacke has developed a comprehensive range of PUR lacquers for all species of wood used in these areas. PUR lacquers are also suitable for coating plastic components used in these areas.

The range of products include lacquer systems for craftsmen who do universal jobs as well as for specially designed coating sequences with the fastest drying times. The requirements placed on resistance to chemicals and mechanical loads for surfaces are individually adjusted to their intended utilisation.

Along with all of the current fashion and design trends, fulfilling high requirements on wear resistance has high priority. The answer to these requirements is Remmers Industrielacke's DD lacquer and colour lacquer line of products which provide the highest resistance to much of the wear and tear of daily life.

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